“If I wake up and my parents are divorced, we are done.” These words I spoke as I overheard my parents deciding to get a divorce. I walked away from God but he patiently continued to invite me back and in my late teens, I bought a Bible and one day randomly opened it to Luke. Jesus was talking about how not to worry. I felt God speak to me then. He said that I would not win the lottery, but he would always provide for me. Which he has done and our relationship has continued to grow stronger these past fifty-seven years.

I grew up in East Windsor, Connecticut, culturally Catholic, went to public school and was one of the first one in my family to go to college, commuting during the day and working second shift as a CNA at night. Two years after graduating college, I joined the Franciscans of Holy Name and loved everything about the experience. Yet, something was missing. I left mid-way through my novitiate year and three years later meet JoAnn and her three kids, Mia, Jack and Christy. We were married May of 1996 and moved to Florida in June of 1997 and in 2013 I was ordained a permanent deacon. We were married for twenty-three blessed years.

JoAnn died September 2, 2019, as a result of pancreatic cancer. About two years after her death and my own serious bout with Covid, I asked God, “What do you want me to do?”


I just finished my first year of seminary at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, FL.

I look forward to sharing a dialogue with those, like me, on a journey. Please feel free to share comments, ask questions, and share your own insights.

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We are at our best as human beings when we share our ideas, listen to each other and respect one another. Join in the journey, one step at a time, one stepping stone at a time!

Peace and all God’s good,

Dcn. Serge