And no one who has been drinking old wine desires new, for he says, ‘The old is good'” (Lk 5:39).
Many of us can relate to holding on to the old. It is more comfortable, it is proven to be good and true. A favorite wine, a pair of broken in jeans or shoes, a favorite book read time and again, these are all part of the simple pleasures of life. In Jesus’ parable he is challenging us to go deeper. He is inviting us to recognize those things that we are holding onto that may be preventing us from more than just a mere existence mode of living, to instead actualizing the potential for ourselves and others.
We have created patterns in our life that may appear and feel safe, but in actuality may be holding us back from a deeper and fuller experience in life. We may be influenced by cultural or social tremors that dictate to us that we are too old, that we are too young, that to do this or that is too much of a risk… Each of these examples can be challenging on the material plane of existence, yet while Jesus seeks the best for us in our everyday, at the same time, he is calling to go even deeper spiritually as well.
God the Father is infinite and inexhaustible. Though the Gospel remains the same, there are always new ways, new means to hear the message, to go deeper with it, so to better be able to share it. Each generation has to claim the deposit of faith passed on for generations as its own. I had heard of social media and its handful of platforms for some time, but had not experienced any of it myself until a few years ago. For over a year now, I have been sharing these reflections as a way to share my thoughts on the Gospels and journey with Jesus.
I was quite happy reading, learning, and sharing within the four walls of my classroom, but I felt Jesus urging me a few years back to reach out a bit more, go beyond the four walls, to take a risk and try some new wine. I wasn’t sure how to begin, but took a few steps and I have been typing away each day to share a reflection like this one that you are reading now.
In what way is God calling you to take a step out of your comfort zone? In what way can you share your faith journey with others? As you take a look at the horizon this morning, take some deep breaths as the sun rises, realize that you have a unique gift or talent to share, a way that Jesus is inviting you to participate in building up his kingdom. A life surrendered to Jesus, lived in collaboration with him, is ever new, ever better. Let us be open to hearing his guidance and being willing to be led by him, to be engaged in a new way we haven’t experienced before.

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Link for the Mass reading for Friday, September 7, 2018:

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