Happy Anniversary My heart, My love!

Twenty-four years ago today I was blessed to be married to this beautiful and wonderful woman, JoAnn. I was also given, in the words of my grandfather, the gift of an instant family with JoAnn’s three kids, Mia, Jack, and Christy.

We were at our best together. We were not two halves making a whole, but two people who complemented and loved Jesus and each other. Life wasn’t perfect but we were committed to and supported each other through each of the challenges we faced.

JoAnn often said life was hard and would wonder what we were here for. She received her answer one day at the funeral Mass of a fifth grader named Oakley Debbs when his mom, Merrill, shared a message she received from Oakley after he died. “Love, love, and more love.”

JoAnn taught me how to love, she sought the best for others, and I am still learning from her. I miss her every day. Happy Anniversary, my heart, my love.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary My heart, My love!

  1. Serge, what a heartfelt tribute to your love and gratitude to Joann. You were blessed by her presence in your life. Now I am begging her to help you fill the void created by her absence. It must be pain beyond imagining. I pray for you every day.

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