“Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit” (Lk 6:39)?

This phrase from today’s Gospel appears to be one of Jesus’ simple teachings. It seems to be straightforward, practical and makes sense. Yet, as with much of what Jesus teaches, there is a deeper level. There are many degrees of spiritual blindness that we can succumb to. We can follow others, thinking we are improving, yet allowing them to lead us to fall into a pit.

Succumbing to a cult of personality is very tempting. Who are our models, our heroes? Who is it that we seek to emulate? Are they people who are seeking all that is good, true, and beautiful? Are they people who are guiding us to our highest hope and good to actualize our potential, or do they constantly lead us astray?

We need people in our lives that are not afraid to tell us the truth, or who respect us enough to guide us in such a way that they do not manipulate and take advantage of our blind spots but instead, help reveal to us our shortsightedness and give us the light to see a clearer path to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

My wife, JoAnn, was a person who did just that. She spoke openly and freely about what was on her mind. She was open to hear about her own weaknesses and faults and was willing to help me see mine as well. Though at times I needed time to digest her insights, I agreed with her assessments more often than not. JoAnn helped me to move beyond my comfort zones as well as pull me back when I would overextend myself by helping me to learn to say, “No”.

As I shared a few days ago, my heart continues to be heavy with JoAnn no longer in my life, while at the same time, I still draw on her guidance and now ask for her intercession that I may daily understand God’s will and direction. I became a much better person with JoAnn in my life and I appreciate even more now our time together.


Photo: One of the earliest pictures from when JoAnn and I began dating.

Mass readings of the day for Friday, September 10, 2021

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