“Word of God, come down on earth,

Living rain from heav’n descending;

Touch our hearts and bring to birth

Faith and hope and love unending.

Word almighty, we revere you;

Word may flesh, we long to hear you.”

These words are the first line from the hymn, “Word of God, Come Down to Earth” that we sang at Mass this morning. The words and song lifted my heart and aligned with a scene I saw last night while walking and praying the Rosary (the photo I shared).

There is much beauty and goodness in the world. It has not been crushed and stamped out. May we seek for God who is always present with us, may we seek out the gifts of the Holy Spirit he offers to us in our everyday moments.

As we seek, may we also embrace the truth that the God of all creation has sent his Son to seek an encounter and relationship with each and every one of us (cf. Luke 19:10). May we accept Jesus’ loving invitation, spend time with him in the quiet of our hearts, so as to be touched by his loving embrace. In our experience with our savior, our hearts will be expanded, we will be healed and transformed, and led to share what we have experienced with others.


Photo: from grounds of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Boynton Beach, FL

First verse of “Word of God, Come Down to Earth”: James Quinn, SJ, 1919-2010, copyright 1969 from Selah Publishing Co, Inc.

YouTube link to hear song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSR8Hgk_IDY







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